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An arrow is a fin-stabilized projectile launched by a bow. A typical arrow usually consists of a long, stiff, straight shaft with a weighty (and usually sharp and pointed) arrowhead attached to the front end, multiple fin-like stabilizers called fletchings mounted near the rear, and a slot at the rear end called nock for engaging the bowstring. A container or bag carrying additional arrows for convenient reloading is called a quiver. The use of bows and arrows by humans predates recorded history and is common to most cultures. A craftsman who makes arrows is a fletcher, and one that makes arrowheads is an arrowsmith. The oldest evidence of likely arrowheads, dating to c. 64, 000 years ago, were found in Sibudu Cave, current South Africa. Likely arrowheads made from animal bones have been discovered in the Fa Hien Cave in Sri Lanka which are also the oldest evidence for the use of arrows outside of Africa dating to c. 48, 000 years ago. The oldest evidence of the use of bows to shoot arrows dates to about 10, 000 years ago, it is based on pinewood arrows found in the Ahrensburg valley north of Hamburg.

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